International Women (rights) day


Year after year, we see different themes and different study cases that (re)confirm why we have to change the current « unhealthy » situation.
We try to reflect on the balance, we celebrate the progress, we make plans…
We also see & feel a collective conviction about the criticality and the necessity of a drastic change … a transformation!
A progressive evolution can not be an option anymore!
With that, are we really happy with where WE are in this gender gap that has NO RIGHT to exist. The answer is probably NO.
What can we do to deliver on the drastic change!? I think no one has the ONE solution.
Unfortunately, despite all the good intentions and plans, we still see Executive Leaders, hiring managers (etc) taking decisions and acting against the honorable and critical diversity agenda. It is, of course, involuntary in many cases.
This is what triggers a questioning to me; can we review our plans and see if we trying to act on others & other things despite Self!?
Accepting to be vulnerable and be open to the idea that we are unconsciously driven by biaises and start the action with ourselves.
Raising self-awareness, knowing better ourself, developing our self-consciousness and encouraging the same approach around us.
Isn’t wise, but courageous, to start by questioning ourselves to act on the ROOT of potential unconscious biaises that lead to involuntary behaviors, actions and decisions not helping us to initiate and succeed in the required Transformation!?
Start and Act with Self first! That’s may be one of the profound ways to lead the change.

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