“We connect each One and each Company to its full potential. We create the value chain for Everyone’s growth and well-being!”

   Leila Fadil – Fondatrice de GrowHR



We offer our expertise and our commitment to serve your projects and your strategy. We contribute to performance enhancement and efficiency through the development of the Organizations and their Human Capital.




The Human at the heart of all our thoughts.

Human in all our decisions


Respectful of an ethical approach.

Ethics “feeds” all our actions.


Aware of the importance the of the entrusted responsibilities.

Rigor always accompanies us.


Our commitment is to co-create your success.

Our customers are partners.


GrowHR is an HR Firm; we offer strategic consultancy, business partnering and services with an expertise in Human Resources, Leadership, Organization & Performance.

GrowHR is dedicated to Companies’ progress through their Human Capital and Structure; a mission that has the performance, the efficiency and the sustainable development as finality.

Grow HR aspire to be a Business Partner acting as a reliable and trustful partner alongside HR professionals and Executives to provide them with solutions to their challenges, their business plans and their projects and therefore, support them in preparing for their future ambitions.

Grow   people   to   Grow   your    business


Grow HR is your business partner, dedicated to your strategic development and to improve your performance.

Grow HR accompanies you with reliability and rigor. Being convinced that your success will generate value creation for you and for the Actors around you, we realize that our mission, at your side, has an economic, human and societal finality.

Grow HR puts to your benefit its expertise which has been developed over years with Organizations on a national and international scale.

This expertise is the result of the richness and complexity of the strategies carried out and the missions managed, and this, on the human, functional, organizational, structural and Leadership levels.

An expertise based on high standards and an offer that adapts to your needs and your means, making our partnership an optimal investment with a return.

Grow HR offers you an agile and customizable approach, support and services.

We adapt to change quickly and adjust our plans and services with you to best meet your changing environment and needs.

Grow HR ensures you a service of constant quality thanks to the standards and processes put in place. As we partner with you, your specificities enrich our standards in order to further personalize what we offer you.

  expertise areas
  • HR Strategy – Design et deployment
  • HR Management Internalized or externalized
  • HR Policies & Processes Design et optimization
  • Social Compliance


  • New project management
  • Restructuring, Merger, Extension, etc
  • New company creation-Project management, go-live & « ramp-up »
  • Company performance Culture, policy & process
  • Transformation project & Change management
  • Organization: Design, restructurating & efficiency projects
  • Culture & Leadership
  • Engagement & Performance
  • Acquisition & Talent and Succession management
  • HR Marketing & Employer branding
  • Compensation & Benefits and attractivity & competitiveness management


  • Recruitment, Talent acquisition and Headhunting
  • Learning & Development – Training, competencies management & Individual and Team development
  • Services to companies in creation and to Expatriated employees
  • Staffing & externalization
SERVICES & solutions
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    Nova Africa business center
    40 rue Al Banafsaj, Vieille Montagne, No 12, Tanger, Maroc
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